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FLIGHTS Wednesday, 02 September 2015

When's the best time to buy cheap airline tickets?

According to survey of a website that sells cheap airline tickets, the best time is mid-week like Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday to get cheapest flights easily.

For anyone love travel, hunting cheap airline tickets is very important. Sometimes just because of the reasonable tickets, they are willing to arrange the work and take the time to travel immediately.

Most airlines and tickets agents knew this need and they often launch actively several cheap promotions, to attract more new customers. So If you don't buy tickets in promotions, you can still consider and find out cheapest tickets on the best time of week.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday are to get cheapest flights easily.

Booking cheap tickets online website named, recently make a survey on list of 415 millions flights from the head of year to current, to find out the rules for cheapest days on week. Result to see, Tuesday, Wednesday are the best time to get cheap flights.

The average of these two days fluctuate around $373, while the flights on Sunday are higher to $67 than days of mid-week. Excepting, Monday and Thursday also have many cheap tickets. According to this company, reason is "no anyone want to start the trip in the mid-week".



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