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Where to buy delicious coffee in Ha Noi ?

We recommend a coffee powder shop in Ha Noi with the variety of delicious coffee powder.

Coffee becomes a wonderful culture which nature spend for people. It affirms that lifestyle and politic-social-economic relationship make Vietnam coffee culture. Vietnam has fast coffee, street coffee, artistic coffee and many other ways to enjoy coffee.

Vietnam Coffee flavour is naturally charming, lightly sour, fresh, elegant. It has strawberry flavour and specially almond flavour, fruit, butter and land flavour. Coffee is a culture which we can slowly enjoy and reflect on life and the people. Therefore, where we can buy delicious  filter coffee powder in Ha Noi, in order to help you buy the most delicious coffee powder, we will recommend coffee powder shop now.

We can find some kind of coffee powder on Dương cafe 107C, Minh Khai street, Hai Ba Trung district, Ha Noi

When you come here, you have many choices about coffee powder

1. Robusta coffee

cafe rubusta
Rubusta coffee

The coffee is slightly sour, elegant and Robusta taste is natural and profound.

The coffee has black coffee, brown coffee, milk coffee.

Its price is 156,000VND/ kilogram.

2. Arabica coffee powder

cafe arabica
Arabica coffee

The coffee is slightly sour, sweet, attractive fragrant and profound.

The shop has Espresso coffee, cappuccino, milk coffee especially suiting for women.

Its price is 215,000VND/ kilogram.

3. Advanced coffee

cafe cao cấp
Advanced coffee

It is bitter, sour, slightly acrid, lightly fragrant. It is very suitable for men who like strong and power.

The shop has black coffee, milk coffee. Ha Noi people like the coffee.

Its price is 159,000VND.kilogram.

4. Scrumptious coffee

cafe hảo hạng

Lightly bitter, sour, sweet, profound and attractive fragrant are adjectives to describe the coffee.

Its price is 168,000VND/kilogram

5. High-class coffee.

cafe thượng hạng

Subtle harmony of sour and acrid, bitter and perfect sweet, attractive fragrance and unique.

Its price is 180,000VND/kilogram.


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